Parent Remarks


"I cannot say enough good things about St. Mark's Mini School.  They teach the kids so much and give them unforgettable memories.  I have received compliments on how ready my child was for Kindergarten and she has continued to excel.  A top notch preschool with teachers your kids will love!"

-Maureen Farr

"As nervous parents sending our child to school for the first time, St. Mark's Mini School immediately put our minds at ease.  The learning atmosphere mixed with fun, friendship, and love has been great for Adam.  We have found Mini School not only a school... it's an extended family."

-Jeremy and Kelly VanPelt

"Such a phenomenal preschool experience, highly qualified staff, wonderful programs that are developmentally appropriate and meet the needs of each individual child at their own level.  Best preschool in Florissant!"

-Jena Dennett

"Mini School was one of the best decisions I could have ever made for my boys.  They set up a wonderful foundation of learning for them and made them excited and eager to come to school and learn. The teachers are kind and caring and teach each child at his/her own pace while challenging them at the same time.  I credit St. Mark's Mini School for my children's successes and for how far they have come in their schooling and in their gifted programs."

-Anne Robin

"Our last year at Mini School has definitely been a bittersweet experience. Over the last six years, they've taught each one of my kids their letters, numbers, colors, and even some Spanish.  They've helped them create countless numbers of art projects.  They've taught them to be kind.  Their songs and prayers have become familiar tunes around our house.  They've comforted them when they were upset and loved them everyday. If you know anybody looking for a great place to send their kids for school, they can't go wrong with St. Mark's.  We will miss them next year!"

-Erin Heitert-Beishir  

"We have loved everything about Mini School! My kids were beyond ready for Kindergarten by the time they graduated.  I cannot say enough good things about Mini School!"

-Stacy Hoffman